Alburtis Codified Ordinances

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Master Appendix



Appendix 6 2003 Codified Ordinances as Initially Enacted by Ordinance 415

A copy of the each chapter of the 2003 Codified Ordinances as initially enacted by Ordinance 415 is provided with the online and CD-ROM versions of the Codified Ordinances.


Part I


Ch. 1

Codified Ordinances

Ch. 2

The Borough; Elected Officials

Ch. 3

Appointed Officials

Ch. 4

Boards and Commissions

Ch. 5

Municipal Authorities

Ch. 6

Intergovernmental Cooperation

Ch. 7


Ch. 8

Budget and Finance

Ch. 9

Public Information



Part II

Employment Policies, Compensation &

Ch. 11

Salaries and Compensation

Ch. 12

Personnel Policies

Ch. 13

Police Civil Service

Ch. 15

Social Security

Ch. 16

Disability Benefits

Ch. 17

Police Pension Plan

Ch. 18

Nonuniformed Employees Pension Plan

Ch. 19

Deferred Compensation Plan



Part III

Land Use & Development; Structures

Ch. 21


Ch. 22

Subdivision and Land Development

Ch. 24

Floodplain Management

Ch. 25

Storm Water Management

Ch. 31

Building Construction

Ch. 32


Ch. 35

Property Maintenance

Ch. 39




Part IV

Vehicles, Streets & Walkways

Ch. 41

Traffic Control

Ch. 46


Ch. 53


Ch. 56

Curbs, Sidewalks, and Walkways

Ch. 58

Street Trees



Part V

Municipal Services, Utilities &
Waste Disposal

Ch. 61

Parks and Recreation; Borough Property

Ch. 62

Electricity and Street Lighting

Ch. 64


Ch. 65

Sanitary Sewer

Ch. 67

Municipal Solid Waste, Recyclables, and Other Refuse

Ch. 68

Hazardous Materials

Ch. 69

Cable Television



Part VI

Emergencies; Preservation of Order

Ch. 71

Emergency Management

Ch. 73

Drought Emergencies

Ch. 76

Peace and Good Order

Ch. 77




Part VII

Taxation and Collections

Ch. 81

Real Property Tax

Ch. 82

Earned Income Tax

Ch. 83

Per Capita Tax

Ch. 84

Occupational Privilege Tax

Ch. 85

Realty Transfer Tax

Ch. 87

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Ch. 88

Municipal Liens

Ch. 89

Moving Permits and Tenant Registration




Miscellaneous Regulations

Ch. 91


Ch. 92


Ch. 93

Weed Control

Ch. 94


Ch. 97

Business and Nonprofit Activities